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Our software provides your company with useful features to help you manage and grow your business. Here are just a few of the most used features:

Order Processing

Successful Party Plan companies depend on Hostess Plans, booking awards and customer purchase incentives to drive sales and create customer loyalty. Integral supports Hostess benefits such as, Dollars, Exclusive items, Incentive Items, Half Price items, Specially Priced items, Booking Awards, Previous Hostess Awards, Guest Bonus Buys and many other Hostess Rewards with the most flexible order processing configuration tools in the industry.
  • Easy to follow order entry flow.
  • Powerful order processing configuration tools.
  • Ship Party orders to multiple addresses. (Hostess, Consultant or guests).
  • Run multiple Hostess Plans, monthly specials and Guest Incentives.
  • Identifies backordered and products not available.
  • Automatic sales tax calculation via CCH or Tax Data Systems database subscription.
  • Multiple freight carriers, service classes, calculations by order type.
  • Process multiple payments per order.
  • Real-time, secure credit card processing
  • Shipping hold/commission hold logic.
  • Company defined product specials like: ‘BUY X GET Y’ or ‘SPEND $X GET Y’
  • Process Weekly, Monthly, or Annual Subscriptions.
  • Track bookings and their awards.
  • Commissions can be kept at the time of the order or paid during the commission run
  • Order Import process for importing orders from other systems
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